I’ve lived the majority of my life in my masculine energy. The go-go-go get things done, hustling, achieving, making things happen, stretching beyond my means, pushing. Running on empty, but never really realising as I was too caught up in the doing.

2020 was the year I came home to myself.

Being is my new buzzword. 

I dropped the busy badge at the door, and learned to embrace my feminine energy.

Rest is no longer a reward, it is an integral part to my existence. A place of creativity and spaciousness. 

My days more often than not, start with pleasure. Walks along the beach, sunshine in my soul, slow cups of tea, book reading. Nourishing my body with food that fuels me. Meditation. Grounding. Learning. Fingers deep in the soil. 

I have built a life that I love. One that lights me up, and allows me to empower humankind with the wisdom of their bodies. I felt the calling, deep one December, to shine this light, here are some of the tools I use daily - 


I often refer to the current season of my life I am in as an ‘Embodiment’ journey. I have always identified with the spiritual nature of our world, and called myself a ‘Child of the Universe’. For many moons I felt that my body was arbitrary, a container for my soul. It is now, as I come home to myself, that I see just how integral my body is… and how she holds the wisdom. 

Cyclic being /
menstruation nutrition

A key part of my embodiment journey is embracing the cyclic nature of being a woman. I didn’t realise how much the contraceptive pill was contributing to the disconnect to my own body, until I removed it from my life after taking it for seventeen years. I can now hear, understand, celebrate, nourish and move with my body through the distinct seasons each cycle. I feel empowered, in a way different to the societal narrative that was sold to me. 

Emotional release tools

For the majority of my life, I denied my feelings. I would briefly feel them, and quickly move on, numb myself through substances, people and distractions. Today, I give space for emotion, as it is simply energy in motion. By harnessing somatic emotional release tools such as movement, sound and witnessing, I begin to understand the nuances of the body, surrendering to the deep wisdom in our bones and letting it move through me. Being present with the emotion in the moment, and releasing it, allows a state of being I revel in.

Meditation and breathwork

I used to find myself constantly caught in my mind. In the doing, in everything that needs to get done. Overthinking the majority of life. Fifteen minutes is one percent of each day we receive. This is where I started my meditation journey, and cultivating spaciousness in my life. Breathwork naturally followed, as a wonderful way to complement regulating the nervous system. By taking a small portion of my day to harness these ancient tools, I feel connected to myself, and grounded in the world around me.

Time in nature

Separation from nature is behind many of our modern ailments, along with disconnect from our community and ourselves. We are nature. And so to foster the connection we have with ourselves, and with each other, time in nature is integral to our existence. It helps restore our life force, and grounds us into our authentic being.

Move from 'doing' to 'being'

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